Peak Ceremony of the 346th HJB, PJ Regent: Joint Determination to Build Bojonegoro Until Complete

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BOJONEGORO– Bojonegoro Regency Government held the 346th Bojonegoro Anniversary Ceremony (HJB), Friday (20/10/2023) in Bojonegoro square. This ceremony also commemorates the 78th Anniversary of East Java Province.


On this occasion, Acting Regent of Bojonegoro Adriyanto invited the community and all parties to continue to maintain togetherness, work hard, make intelligent efforts and seriously maintain a consistent attitude. This is to achieve development targets.

Apart from the Acting Regent, there were also Forkopimda officials, Bojonegoro Regional Secretary, Assistant Bojonegoro Regional Secretariat, Bojonegoro Regional Secretariat expert staff, sub-district heads throughout Bojonegoro Regency, village heads, environmental government staff scope of district government, religious leaders, community leaders, community organizations, students, students and the communications community.

Furthermore, Acting Regent Adriyanto said that the history of Bojonegoro Regency is quite long. Starting in the 16th century, it became part of Majapahit, then became part of Demak.


October 20 itself is an important date for Bojonegoro. On October 20, 1677, Bojonegoro (at that time it was called Jipang), which previously had the status of a duchy, was changed to a district with the wedana of the foreign regent, Wetan Mas Tumapel, who also doubles as the regent domiciled in the region jipang.

“This date is still celebrated as the Anniversary of Bojonegoro Regency,” he said.

Acting Regent Adriyanto also explained that he deliberately mentioned a little about the history of Bojonegoro because he believed that the people of Bojonegoro would be proud of the glorious history of their ancestors.namely by maintaining the noble values ​​that have been exemplified by previous generations regarding the value of respecting diversity, diversity and independence.


Each leader and government will have their own challenges, especially in serving and working hard in developing their region. This is to achieve equitable welfare of the people.”Our main task is to continue this struggle to achieve the welfare of a just society. Therefore, on the 346th anniversary of Bojonegoro Regency This theme is ‘Quality Human Resources Building Until Complete,” he explained.

It was further explained that the theme taken was not just rhetoric or just a slogan. However, it is an invitation and determination to be able to act and react real to all challenges and we can face the developments of the times. Of course, this is a motivation to continue to develop Bojonegoro Regency to create a society that is just, prosperous, advanced and prosperous physically and mentally.

For the ranks of the Bojonegoro government bureaucracy, this theme is hoped to be a driving force for creating an effective government, fulfilling the motto that when people ask questions we are able to give good answers give good answers and can provide the best service. “To make all this happen, let’s join hands together to make development in Bojonegoro a success,” he said.


As a 346 year old district, Bojonegoro has a long history in the field of government. Now we still see many challenges which are a common task, including reducing poverty rate, solving the problem of drought, ensuring prices of basic commodities are affordable for the community.

“For this reason, the task of the district government and development stakeholders is required to continue to maintain togetherness, work hard, make intelligent efforts and seriously maintain a consistent attitude in achieve development targets,” he concluded.achieve development targets,” he concluded.( Red)

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